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This is exactly the fourth Christmas on our website. From the point of view of Minimodel, the year 2021 was in many ways challenging, but also exceptional. Since the Christmas holidays and gift time are literally knocking on our door, we have prepared some interesting surprises for you. 

The author of the LBS system models has prepared a Christmas surprise for you in the form of the Tatra Phoenix snow plow model, which you can download for free. The second model is the Tatra 158 G2 Dakar 2018, which you can get by sending photos with five glued models to our e-mail, which you downloaded and mainly completed this year. The third model is Tatra Force Liberty Ostrava - a transporter of long metallurgical materials, which you can get for sending a donation to the operation of the website.

The author of the FDS model has also prepared a Christmas surprise for you in the form of the Freightliner White COE model tractor and container semi-trailer, which you can download for free from the website. As usual, the author has prepared several limited models. The first model is the Tatra 162 Proto Dakar, it is one of the proposed forms of the vehicle that was to take part in the Paris Dakar Rally. The second model is Tatra Force AC 30/110, a fire truck with a superstructure from the company WEBO in Slovenia, the third model is Tatra Force Buffalo 6x6, a fire truck designed for the airport in India. You can get these three models by submitting a donation to support the website. Of course, with these models we also reward activ "gluers" of models from our website.

Thank you all for your kindness and support.

We wish you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas friends.

Your Minimodel