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Friends Modelers, time really flies very fast. We have Christmas here again, in many houses today, the light on the Christmas tree will shine and there will be presents under it. We have also prepared several gifts for you in the form of models.

The first big gift is a brand new author of the IMIS model. He has prepared several new bus models for you and an absolute novelty in the form of the Solaris Urbino bus model.

Another Christmas present are models of two American fire trucks. The first is the Ferrara Ladder F.D.N.Y., model with the number 10. The second is Rosenbauer Commander R611 volunteer firefighters of the city of Robesonia. These models were created thanks to John Jablonski, who supplied the documents for these vehicles.

The last surprise for you is pair of bonus models. The first is the Tatra 815 7 10x10 CV 40 large tank fire truck. The second is a nitrogen tank trailer. These two models are designed for active modelers. A condition for obtaining one model is to send a photo of the built four models in 2020 from our webstite or donation for the operation of our site.

Beautiful holidays friends.

Your Minimodel team.b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_FERRARA_LADDER_FDNY02.jpgb_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_ROSENAUER_COMMANDER_R66104.jpgb_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_TATRA_815_7_CV4003.jpgb_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_PREPRAVNIK_DUSIKA01.jpg