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b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_headers_logo.pngWelcome to the new pages of the Slovak section Minimodel team. We worked hard all of December 2017 and gradually prepared these new web pages for you, the paper model builders and mini world fans. What will you find here? First the Bucobox models (papercrafts) by Ľubomír Blichár and second the FDS models by František Kováčik, and as usual created in the 1:100 scale. Most paper models will be available for free download in PDF format. In addition to the models, we want to bring you articles about your model builders, so we will gradually approach each of the modelers who are dedicated to the Minimodels. Since these paper models are not glued only in Czech Republic (Czechia) or Slovakia, we will introduce you to a few models from other regions in the world.

b_350_250_1513754_0_0_images_IMG_20140601_094832.jpgIn addition to the paper model builders, we want to gradually introduce you to the Minimodel authors themselves. Those who do not currently draw, as well as those who are constantly and tirelessly dedicated to creating new models. This will be followed by the history of Minimodels, their origin and development. That is what you can look forward to. We want to give you tips and tricks and give you the opportunity to share how to build the paper models, how to draw paper models, help each other and help beginner modelers and model creators. We began a journey and we expect challenges that we conquer together. Minimodel is not a common word and Minimodel team is not just a phrase. Minimodel is a concept that is currently known all over the world. The models are built in Tasmania, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, France, England and as far as Argentina, USA and Canada. The Minimodel team is the second family for us, for whom we live, work, we create, not only during our free time.