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Yes, firefighters also have their day, it is May 4th, the feast of St. Florian, patron saint of firefighters. Models of firefighting equipment are also very popular among modellers, which you can find on websites from almost all authors.

The authors of the Bucobox and FDS models have managed to drive several hundreds if not thousands of kilometers in recent years and had the opportunity, thanks to the permission of the Presidium of the Fire and Rescue Corps of the Slovak Republic, but also the permission of the director of ÚO Brno - city and firefighters of Znojmo station to photograph firefighting equipment for documentation purposes to create models of fire engines. 

Thanks to all this, we try to bring great models of firefighting equipment. Although the year 2020 was marked by the Covid-19 epidemic and we could not photograph other equipment for firefighters for security reasons, we reached into our archive and prepared a total of seven new models of firefighting equipment. Six of them serve directly for fire brigades and the seventh serve for the Armed Forces of the Slovak Army at Sliač Airport.

So let's take a close look at the individual models and their templates.

The first is the MAN TGM 15 280 model, the car is used at the Brno - BVV fire station (Brno Exhibition Grounds and Trade Fairs), it is a CAS 20 tank car syringe.

The second is the TATRA 815-7 CAS 30 6x6 tank car syringe model, the car also serves at the Brno - BVV fire station.

The third model is the Mercedes Unimog U 5000 CAS 24 tank syringe, which is used to extinguish forest fires and to intervene in hard-to-reach terrain. The vehicle is at the fire station OR HaZZ in Prešov.

The fourth model is the Reanult Kerax 6x6, the vehicle of the Fire and Rescue Service is equipped with a hydraulic arm Fassi 270, it is designed to intervene in serious traffic accidents and in complex technical and environmental interventions. The vehicle is located at the fire station OR HaZZ in Prešov.

The fifth model is a Renault Midlum 210.10 4x2, a rescue vehicle with a tank is designed for universal technical interventions and firefighting on the highway and in the Branisko tunnel, the vehicle is located at the fire station OR HaZZ Levoča - Behárovce.

The sixth model is a Tatra T-158 Phoenix 8x8 KOA, a truck designed to transport containers to the scene, the vehicle is equipped with a Kurta hook loader and rope winch, a vehicle of this type is located in several Rescue Brigades of the fire and rescue corps in Slovakia.

The seventh model is the Tatra Force in the version of the combined fire truck KHA, the car serves in the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic at the air base Sliač.

With these models, we want to thank all the firefighters around the world who serve every day in professional and volunteer units.

We also thank Hynek Obroučka and Milan Dermek for professional consultations.