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Advent knocked on our door again after a year, this year we tried to prepare several surprises for you.

We have prepared an Advent calendar for you, which this year focuses on Nascar and Trans Am racing vehicles from the 1960s to the end of the 1980s. We have been preparing the models since the end of last year, first by finding materials, drawing models, and then building test models. In total, you will find new models of mostly racing vehicles for 25 days. We tried to choose interesting models of vehicles of various brands such as AMC, Ford, Chevrolet, Mercury, Plymouth, Dodge, Buick, Pontiac, White.


As is customary, on December 6 we prepared a "Santa" model for you in the form of a Delorean DMC 12 car. After modification, this iconic vehicle was also used by filmmakers in Back to the Future. The Delorean even appeared on a collector's banknote.


The third surprise is two Christmas bonus models focused again on American car racing. The first is the Kenworth Aerodyne "Papa truck", it is a transporter of a special dragster truck for racing. The second model is the Kenworth Conventional Super Boss, it is a dragster truck transported on the previous model.


The last surprise is three limited Christmas models. The first is the Tatra Force 815 7 T3RC1 8X8 AWS STARKOM, a special vehicle intended for the so-called electronic warfare, the second is the Tatra Terra SARM V Validus Special Auto, a vehicle intended for fire and rescue units in Ukraine, but this vehicle was also deployed in Turkey after the great earthquake of 2023. The vehicle carries a large amount of equipment and tools for various rescue and extrication operations, the vehicle also includes a hydraulic arm. The third model is the Tatra Terrno 4x4 CAS 20 Firefighters of the city of Kopřivnice.

You can get limited Christmas models in two ways:

- the first is that you send us a photo with 15 models in 1:100 scale that you glued this year, for every 5 models one bonus

- the second is sending a voluntary contribution to the running of the site.

We wish everyone, wherever you are on our planet, a peaceful and happy Christmas.