Gallery of Bucobox's paper models. The scale of the papercrafts is in 1:100. You can download this printable card models for free.

BBGS MB Actros 4165 Kahl
BBGS MB Actros 1841 Schaap
BBGS MB Actros 1843 Willi Betz
BBSE Liaz 29.33 Machala
BB16 Tatra 815 S3 JSK
BBSE MB Actros 2644 VVS
BBSE Tatra 815 S3 Hasiči
BBSE Actros Jost Group Box
BBSE MB Actros 1844 HeIKo
BBSE MB Actros 1844 Black/White Liner
BBSE Liaz 150.251
BBSE MB Actros 2541 Stebal Trans
BBDO Liaz séria 2013
BBDO Tatra 815-2 S1
BBSE Tatra 815-2 S3
BBEU MB Actros 3344 AK
BBEU Liaz Eurovia
BB42 MBActros 2548 Fiege
BB41 Liaz SD RSD
BB40 MBActros Prangl
BB39 MB Actros AK 4143
BB38 Tatra Sipox Tatran S1
BB37 MB Actros 2644 AK
BB36 Liaz 100.421 AČR
BB35 Liaz 110.471 AČR
BB34 Liaz 110.471
BB32 MB Actros 3351 Dakar 2012
BB31 MB Actros 3351 Dakar 2009
BB30 Liaz 151.261
BB29 Liaz 150.251
BB28 Liaz 091
BB27 Liaz 090
BB26 Liaz 090 prototyp tatra kabína
BB25 Liaz Unifikovaná kabína
BB24 MB Actros 3360 KHA
BB23 MB Actros 8x4 4165 SLT
BB22 MB Actros 1844 Boper
BB21 MB Actros 1844 Hudos
BB20 MB Actros 2544 Pilsner
BB18 MB Actros 1848 MP3
BB17 Tatra 815 S1 Doprastav
BB15 Tatra 815 S3
BB13 Praga V3S AD080
BB12 MB Actros 1843 Pilsner
BB11 MB Actros 1844 Jefta
BB10 MB Actros 1844 NAD Ress
BB09 MB Actros 4153 Jefta
BB08 MB Actros 4146 Jefta
BB07 MB Actros 8x6 AK 4141 Geotrans
BB05 MB Actros 2544 Hobby
BB04 MB Actros 2536 Smidbersky
BB03 MB Actros 2544 Kofola
BB02 Liebherr R 964 B
BB01 MB Actros 8x8 AK 4144
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